3 Most Mysteriously Abandoned Places Of The World

3 Most Mysteriously Abandoned Places Of The World

The world is filled with several mysterious places, however, we are only known to only a few. There are a ton of mysterious stories that we have to unravel- though have no idea form where to start. Let’s first start with the 3 most mysteriously abandoned places of the world:

1. Bermuda Triangle, Bermudas

Bermuda Triangle is a fictitious name given to an area in the North of the Atlantic Ocean by Vincent Gaddis in Argosy in 1964. He used the phrase ‘Bermuda Triangle’ in the ‘Pulp’ magazine.

Bermuda Triangle is a triangular portion joining the edges of Miami(Florida), Bermuda and Puerto Rico and spread in around 4,40,000 miles area. This triangle is also called as ‘Devil’s Triangle’ because of the unsolved mysteries of the lost ships, planes and many aircraft in this region for over past 100 years.

The mystery of Bermuda Triangle came into existence on 16 September 1950 when an article was published saying that in 1945 air fighter planes of ‘Flight 19’ having 5 Torpedo planes took off from the Miami air base at 2:00 p. m. for a routine mission. The aircrafts had 14 trained officers of the US Navy, but after 2 hours a message was received from the squadron leader of the mission that his compass had stopped working and his backup compass was also failed. The mystery of his message was that he said that he was seeing nothing but only green water and he doesn’t know his location and he has no control over his aircraft. Then at 7:27 p. m. US Navy sent a search team consisted of 13 crew members in ‘Mariner’ flying boat which had the ability to fly in air and float on water but after 3 minutes of the boarding, the contact of the Mariner with US naval was lost. A ship on the shore of the ocean claimed that at 7:50 p. m. they saw a blast in the sky. 27 people were lost on that day with Flight 19 and Marine but no one had seen either the people or the parts of the aircraft in the ocean. The mysterious incidents were not stopped here but started like in 1950 America’s ship S.S.Sandra passed from the Bermuda Triangle but lost somewhere in it,on 1952 a British ship carrying 33 peoples was also mysteriously lost in the same area, in 1972 A German ship carrying 20, 000 tons of weight was dipped into the region of Bermuda Triangle, on 1997 a German plane mysteriously lost after it entered into the region of the Bermuda Triangle. 522 years ago Columbus firstly passed the area of Bermuda Triangle on 13 September 1492 and he had written in his diary that he saw some lightning in the sky and the colour of the sky and clouds changed and he saw a boll of fire coming from the sky.

The first theory given in respect of the mysteriously lost ships and planes was the presence of methane hydrate in the ocean and it was said that the ocean is producing a large amount of this compound and this compound is strong that anything comes into the area of this compound will be destroyed by it. The only live victim of the tragedy of Bermuda Triangle was Bruise Genran who said that on 5 December 1970 he was passing through that region and he saw some different colour of clouds in the sky and he was trapped in them but somehow he moved his plane at 135 degrees and came out from a shaped region. Scientists started working on this concept and a theory was given and according to the theory, the ships lost mysteriously due to the formation of Electronic Fog. Some peoplebelieves that some captains threw the dead bodies of the slaves in that portion and that is why their souls are taking revenge while some people believe that this portion is used by the Aliens for doing their research on the earth planet and some people also believes that below the ocean a city named Atlantis still exists. A new theory was given which stated that on the region of Bermuda Triangle Hexagonal  Cloudsforms and winds blowing at a fast rate, rises and falls with the high speed and if anybody comes in contact with these winds it will be soaked by the ocean. It is hard to believe in any of the theory but the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle remains unsolved till date.

2. Bhangarh Fort, India

Bhangarh Fort is located in Alwar, Rajasthan, was built in 17th century by the King Madho Singh. The fort was very beautiful but it was ruined into nothing after a few decades. The fort had a number of temples of many gods and goddesses. The population of that fort at that time was around 10,000. It is said that the fort has a black history. It was started with a black magician, Singhia who fell in love with the princess of the fort Ratnavati. He intensely loved Ratnavati and wanted to marry her who was a very beautiful princess and every prince of other states admires her beauty and wants to marry her. One day princess Ratnavati along with her friends went to market and stopped on a perfume shop and the Singhia was watching him and with his black magic he put some black magic on that bottle but Ratnavati destroyed that bottle on a stone then that stone followed Singhia and fallen on him resulted in his death but before dying he put a curse on the fort that the fort will be destroyed and the souls of people remains in the fort. The curse put by Singhia came and during the war between Bhangarh and Ajabgarh every person in Bhangarh died and their souls remained trapped in the fort. It is said that the fort is captured by the spirits of the native people of bhangarh and one can feel the shoutings of the ladies and clinking of life. The area is now sealed by the government and in the night the trespassing of the people is strictly prohibited. Peoples can feel spiritual powers which do not allow the persons who came inside the fort. Some people also noticed spirits passing here and there in the fort. After evening the local people warn the tourists not to go in the fort.

3. Banff  Springs Hotel, Canada

Hotel Banff Springs Canada

Banff Springs Hotel formerly also known as Fairmont Banff Springs is located in Canada in the Banff National Park. The hotel was firstly built in 1888 into ‘H’ shape but was redesigned by Bruce Price in 1914 but in 1926 a fire destroyed the hotel and then redeveloped in 1928. History said that this hotel is haunted. Room number 873 is found missing. One can tap the door and can feel the entering gate of the door but it was filled with bricks and completely sealed. The hotel has room numbers ending with number ’73’ on each floor but here is the mystery that the eighth floor doesn’t have room 873. It is said that the room is haunted by some ghosts. A few decades ago a family came into room number 873. The family consisted of husband and wife and their lovely small daughter. The man was frustrated and killed his wife and his daughter. The brutal killing of the innocent people left the room haunted with their spirits. Some spiritual activities were also noticed from time to time in the same room. Some people who lived in the room after that incident stated that they could hear screaming of people in the night and when the light is turned on they can saw bloody fingerprints on the walls of the rooms. When the servants came to clean the room they found nothing but the incident resulted into the low down reputation of the hotel and so the owner of the hotel sealed the room number 873 with plaster but one can feel the hollowness while tapping the door.

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