5 Important Tips To Ensure You Have A Safe And Exciting Trek

5 Important Tips To Ensure You Have A Safe And Exciting Trek

Trekking is among the most exhilarating experiences you can have, giving you a chance to feel energised amidst nature and test your own physical prowess. Though you may have trained extensively for a trek, nature can be unpredictable and take you by surprise. So, your best bet would be to have some trekking tips up your sleeve for a memorable experience.

Here are some trekking tips to consider before you hit the mountains.

1. Avail a trekking insurance cover to protect yourself

Despite having a guide and numerous maps, you may still face issues while on a trek. To protect yourself on this front, avail a Trek Cover from reputable companies like Bajaj Finserv. In cases where you lose your way into the sprawling hills and get separated from the group, this hiking insurance cover funds your hotel and travel costs up to Rs.1 lakh in India and Rs.1.8 lakh abroad. It also offers protection against personal accidents, trip cancellations, accidental hospitalisation and more for up to Rs.3 lakhs.

2. Take one step at a time and start small before going big

A trek combines both a sense of adventure and spontaneity. However, it shouldn’t feel like it’s draining your energy or cause you to strain your health. So, to begin with, avoid selecting tough treks and choose simpler ones. Tougher treks are for experts or those with ample experience. Once you are used to trekking, you can take a step ahead and choose a tougher climb.

3. Prepare yourself physically and mentally

Start preparing yourself for the trek much ahead of time. Get your medical examination done and work on deficiencies, if any. Make sure you have a good count of haemoglobin and have ample calcium in your body. Make sure you exercise consistently to train well. Eat healthy food and feed your mind with motivation and will to prepare for the adventure.

4. Stay informed about the weather

Always check the weather conditions in the trekking destination and the track leading to it, and only then plan your trekking schedule. Knowing the weather condition gives you an idea of what to expect and what clothes to pack. Also, being informed about the weather lets you change the trekking schedule to suit the conditions and enjoy a safe trek.

5. Pack the trekking essentials, but trek light

When you are on a trek, you can’t find clothes, food, medicines and other essentials on the way. Hence, it is important to pack all such necessities beforehand. Some of the essentials that you need to pack are durable clothes, food, medicines, appropriate shoes, a water bottle, a knife, a compass, and binoculars. However, don’t over-pack your rucksack. It is important to trek light than to carry too many gizmos.

With these handy trekking tips, you are sure to have an amazing experience and a safe time. Before you call on nature, check your pre-approved insurance offer from Bajaj Finserv to enjoy customised offers on trek covers and other financial services. This will help you make the most of affordable deals and apply instantly and hassle-free online.

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