Are You A Fitness Fanatic? Enjoy These 6 Best Fitness Vacations In USA!

Are You A Fitness Fanatic? Enjoy These 6 Best Fitness Vacations In USA!

There are some absolutely fantastic fitness vacations in USA for those who wish to stay fit during the holidays. Staying in good health and going a step further by trying to become fitter are two separate things. Fitness freaks all over the world fret vacations because it means having to skimp on their routine exercise and diet. But there are some awesome and best fitness vacations 2019 you can enjoy in the United States. You will find everything from wellness retreats to affordable fitness resorts in USA. There are fab fitness vacations for singles, couples, and friends alike. Give a careful glance at our list below of the best fitness vacations in USA.

Top Holiday Ideas for Fitness Fanatics:

Some of the very best US cities offer incredible chances to stay fit while on vacation. Whether you’re looking at the best fitness retreats USA has to offer or wish to enjoy a serene nature-based fitness vacation Florida has for you, there are scores of options here. Listed herewith are some absolutely amazing fitness vacations in USA. Find one that suits you best and board some cheap last minute flights to the destination pronto!

1. Canyon Ranch Health Resort – Tucson, Arizona

If you’re a hardcore fitness freak, this is among the best fitness vacations in USA for you. Located at the foothills of the scenic Santa Catalina, this spectacular five-star resort is among the best in the region. Seriously, among its staff are as many as five physiologists, four physicians, and three nutritionists. Mind you, these are beside the swarm of trainers at the resort! There are four pools at the facility and the meals served are zero-cal. Also, alcohol isn’t served here. The Saguaro National Park nearby is replete with gorgeous hiking, biking, and running trails.

2. Lake Austin Spa Resort – Austin, Texas

A massive 19-acre property, this is among the best fitness retreats USA has to offer you. The spa resort was built on the site of a fishing camp that goes back to the World War II era. It is today one of the most sought-after spa destinations in America. There are three pools you can enjoy in addition to over 30 treatment areas. They also offer a personal instruction program which comes with a body analysis and fitness level assessment. The trainer will chart out an exercise and diet plan ideal for you post the analysis.

3. Red Mountain Resort – St. George, Utah

This is among the best and most intensive fitness vacations in USA you can hope to enjoy. With over 24 villa suites and 80 rooms, the resort is famous for its nature-based fitness programs. You will be helped with a fitness schedule even before being led to your room. The trainers at the resort will assess your flexibility, cardiovascular condition, and core strength before creating an individual workout regimen for you. There are pool laps-water workouts, cardio workouts, group exercise sessions, and spa sessions among other things.

4. Ranch at Live Oak – Malibu, California

Hidden amid the gorgeous Santa Monica Mountains and sprawling across 120 acres, this hip luxury boot camp is among the top fitness vacations in USA. If you’re serious about your fitness, you should definitely book business class flights to come and holiday here. Typically, your day will begin at 5:30 am with a mandatory group fitness session which can last up to four or five hours. This will include yoga, hiking, abdominal strengthening, core exercises, weightlifting, and massage remedies. Food served is vegetarian, organic and on-property farm-grown. Drinks are alcohol-and-caffeine free.

5. Raft the Grand Canyon

If water sports are more your thing, this is among the very best fitness vacations in USA for you. The spectacular Grand Canyon is a remarkable sight to behold and what better than being able to stay fit while doing so! If you’re not up to rowing, you can pick a motorized boat for this purpose. A once-in-a-lifetime experience, there is nothing like descending one of the largest white water rapids in the US. You can take time out to explore different areas on foot during a multi-day tour. You’ll be able to enjoy breathtaking sights of the surroundings as well the indigenous flora and fauna.

6. Run the New York Marathon

This is among the best and ideal fitness vacations in USA for those who have remarkable stamina. If you want to push your physical limits on the next vacation, book flights to USA during the New York Marathon. The much-awaited sporting event is held every November and has as many as 50,000 excited runners from across the world taking part in it. Do remember to get proper training and apply for a place as soon as booking opens. It’s a very popular event and thereby, places are allotted by lottery. Take to the spectacular streets of Manhattan and have the most offbeat vacation yet!

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