The Irish Bucket List Of Adventures: 5 Activities You Just Have To Include

The Irish Bucket List Of Adventures: 5 Activities You Just Have To Include

Ireland is so full of adventures for those that seek them, that prioritizing one above the other might get really confusing if you are only in the country for a short while. Nonetheless, if you had to choose just a few, let it be the following five.

Climb the Lug

Lug is short for Lugnaquilla peak in Wicklow County, which happens to be one of the highest peaks in all of Ireland and certainly the tallest one in Wicklow. The hike to the top is a tough one, but it wouldn’t exactly be an adventure if it was too easy, so that should actually work perfectly. As a reward, those that reach the top will behold some amazing vistas that stretch as far as Snowdonia in Wales and the mountains of Munster towards the south-west.

Rock Climbing in Dalkey Quarry

Climbing he Dalkey Quarry in Dublin County is not hard, but it’s perfect for those that are just starting out or may have even tried it out a few times before. Easy as it may be compared to the other much tougher climbs in Ireland, keep in mind that this is different from the indoor rock climbing sessions that a lot of people are used to nowadays and it will definitely be more difficult than those. Nonetheless, the rush of adrenalin and the glorious view of the Wicklow mountains up top are well worth the effort.

Plan a Trip with Go Irish Tours

Nobody knows Ireland better than an Irish and that’s exactly why Go Irish Tours is the perfect option for anyone seeking an adventurous vacation in Ireland. As all the guides are locals who know every section of the country like the palm of their hands, rest assured that they will be able to show you places and take you on secret adventures that no one else possibly can. Just visit the website and you would even be able to customize your package and mold it into something that you are looking for.

Wakeboard in Dublin

Wakeboarding at City Centre in Dublin is a popular activity for the adventure junkies and there’s absolutely no reason as to why you should miss out on this one. It does require some skill though, but it’s a fine and affordable place to start learning wakeboarding as well, if you are new to the sport.

Moonlight Paddling in West Cork

Depending on the route chosen, you would be paddling your kayak across Castlehaven Bay or Lough Hyne in West Cork under the pale moonlight and a sky full of stars. Ideally, the kayaking should begin an hour before the sunrise, which means that the experience of watching the red sunrise while floating in the middle of the ocean would be one to remember for a lifetime.

The list would be much, much longer if it had to be a comprehensive one, but even at just five, these are enough to keep a short vacation alive with a healthy dose of adrenaline!

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